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Systems built on top of the blockchain can be fully decentralized and distributed over a consortium or a global peer-to-peer network. Smart Contracts allow decentralized apps, or dApps, to run autonomously without the need for a central server, company or middleman to handle running costs and administration. This allows a service to exist without any maintenance costs or administrational responsibility. dApps allow service providers to save middlemen and infrastructure maintenance costs while ensuring future-proof continuity of their services.

Lamarkaz develops fully decentralized dApps using the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. The dApps we develop can be launched on the global Ethereum public network or on their own separate private or consortium blockchain infrastructure.


Smart Contracts allow secure and safe financial transactions between peers without the need to trust one another. Transaction rules can be enforced by smart contracts on all parties using code. The global distributed peer-to-peer consensus enforces these rules without the need for a central authority. Partnering institutions can create trustless settlement network together instead of having to trust each other or pay a third party settlement authority.

Lamarkaz uses Ethereum to build decentralized, cost efficient and fair settlement systems within consortiums and for public.


Ownership of dApps can be shared among its users instead of one central server owner. A shared economy based on a digital token connected to the dApp distributes a fair profit share to each user depending on his/her contribution and investment in the dApp. Distributed Autonomous Organizations (DAO) create a distributed and democratic governing body that allows tokenholders to take part in the governance of their dApp instead of a single administrator.

Lamarkaz develops dApps based on shared economies and Distributed Autonomous Organizations on top of Ethereum Smart Contracts where users take full control of their own app and profit from it. Lamarkaz itself eventually takes a minor role in these dApps and hands over the wheel to the community as it grows.


Systems based on the blockchain are certain to exactly function as intended without the possibility of any downtime, data loss or security risk. Data stored on the blockchain enjoys unprecedented redundancy by duplicating information over every node on the network, creating thousands of backups and making data loss close to impossible at no extra cost. This unprecedented reliability of the blockchain allows mission critical applications to run with little to no risk of failure. Cryptocurrency applications that deal directly with large volumes of money use this technology to ensure foolproof reliability.

Lamarkaz uses Ethereum to develop mission critical systems and applications that do not tolerate failure or disruption.


Data stored on the blockchain enjoys censorship resistance and unlimited persistency. Applications running on Smart Contracts can be coded to become unstoppable by any human and disaster-proof against most natural phenomenons. By default, access to dApps on a public blockchain can never be censored or shutdown by anyone including the original developers. This allows an application to continue to grow autonomously forever.

Lamarkaz creates global dApps the run with full autonomy without having to ever depend on any human operator to continue to function or grow.


All transactions on the blockchain are verified and secured using state of the art modern cryptography. Smart Contract rules enforcement is done using complex decentralized consensus algorithms to ensure global agreement and certainty. All transactions on the blockchain are fully transparent and open for the public to audit and verify. This makes blockchains optimal for systems that do not tolerate middleman corruption, malicious users, or lack of verifiability.

Lamarkaz creates private and consortium distributed information systems that are fully corruption-proof and verifiable with no possibility of unauthorized modifications or access.

Our Team

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Nour Haridy

CEO, Smart contract developer

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Muhammed ElRakabawi

Front-end UX Developer

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Ihab McShea

Head of Research

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Fady Samir

Front-end Developer

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Mahmoud Mortda

Graphic Designer

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